Content: This video lecture describes how links are created in ReqIF Studio, in order to create traceability between requirements. Links, or Traces, are called SpecRelations in ReqIF. This lecture explains how they are created, edited and customized. In particular, it explains how traceability can be used for analysis, like change management or visualizing a traceability matrix.

Target Group: Requirements Engineers

Prerequisites: ReqIF Studio is installed. Basic ReqIF Studio editing knowledge.


  • Creating SpecRelations (1:09)
    • Creating a test file (1:17)
    • Creating a SpecRelation (1:43)
    • Understanding SpecRelations (2:54)
    • Creating multiple links in one step (3:58)
  • Datatypes for SpecRelations (4:50)
  • Advanced Concepts (6:06)
    • Link column in the Specification Editor (6:12)
    • Following links (7:02)
    • List of all SpecRelations (7:39)
    • Searching for SpecRelations (8:20)
    • SpecRelationGroups (8:47)

Agenda (cont.)

  • Change Management (9:50)
    • Using the Template for Change Management (10:29)
    • Change Management in practice (11:51)
    • Presentation (plug-in) configuration for change management (12:15)
  • Deduct traceability matrix (13:07)
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Lecture Notes

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