Content: This video lecture describes a basic roundtrip requirements exchange between two tools, using ReqIF Studio and IBM Rational DOORS. The practical application is by having an OEM send a requirements specification to a supplier for review.This lecture shows in detail how to set up DOORS for import, export and merging of the supplier data.

Target Group: Project Managers, Requirements Engineers

Prerequisites: ReqIF Studio is installed (for the supplier).


  • Agenda (0:37)
  • Exchange Process Description (1:05)
  • DOORS Setup and Export (2:43)

Agenda (cont.)

  • ReqIF Studio Import, Review and Export (5:29)
  • DOORS Import and Merging (6:46)
  • Axiom and Binom (8:47)
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Lecture Notes

  • ReqIF in 10 Minutes – Describes the concept behind the basic ReqIF roundtrip
  • HIS-Process – Best practices by an automotive group on how to implement a requirements roundtrip process

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