ProSTEP is a non-profit that is active in the ReqIF space. They helped get ReqIF ready for standardization, and are also operating a ReqIF Implementor Forum. On June 18, they published the following information:

ReqIF users and vendors tune in to the benchmark

In a 2-day workshop, ReqIF users and software vendors coordinated their activities.

The first day clearly focused on preparing for the upcoming first ReqIF benchmark. Both the test scenarios and the respective test files were discussed in detail. The test scenarios consist of a simple sending of a requirement specification from partner to partner, with focus on the correct presentation in terms of content and form. Further, a simple round trip with status updates is performed. The software manufacturers provided constructive feedback on the test files, which have now been approved for benchmarking by all parties. This results in two formally correct ReqIF reference files.

The second day focused on open issues, including the further development of the standard, the implementation guideline and the processes for exchange. All existing issues were checked for relevance and timeliness and prioritized by the users. A workflow for issue resolution has also been defined. Just one month after the meeting, the Implementor Forum developed initial solution proposals for individual issues. The goal is to resolve the five highest priority issues by the next joint meeting in October 2018.