Airport Training: ReqIF in a Day | Friday | April 28. 2017 | Düsseldorf Airport

No matter whether you need to learn about ReqIF (customer pressure), or whether you want to learn it to apply it in our organization: The faster you absorb the knowledge, the better. And a face-to-face workshop in a small group is the best way to provide in-depth knowledge.

I've been working with ReqIF since 2006, and I created the reference implementation of ReqIF as an open source project. Over the years, I shared my knowledge through lectures, talks, articles, and many, many workshops, both in-house and public. Therefore, I have a lot of experience in getting people up to speed on ReqIF. Fast!

For the first time, I offer my knowledge in a one-day international workshop. Taking place at Düsseldorf Airport and held in English, Participants can arrive in the morning and return home in the evening, without having to worry about missing their flights. Or take advantage of being in a vibrant city for a long weekend. Details >>