T04: Pick the Brain of a ReqIF Expert

An introduction to the Requirements Interchange Format. This training provides technical staff with all they need for implementing the standard, and decision makers information for a cost-benefit analysis.

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One-Day ReqIF Training, tailored to your needs: €1.680

Schedule your training

Travel near Düsseldorf: €100

Travel within Germany: €300

Travel within Europe: €520

Pick Your Modules

To make the training relevant to you, you can pick 6-8 modules for a one-day training. The following modules are available:

  • ReqIF basics (mandatory)
  • ReqIF-based requirements exchange
  • Implementation guidelines and recommendations
  • Tools supporting ReqIF
  • Working with ReqIF Studio
  • Eclipse as a Platform for ReqIF-based tools
  • Building ReqIF GUI tools
  • Building ReqIF batch tools
  • Working in collaboration with ReqIF

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