T01: A Great Tool for Requirements Engineering

This workshop provides a solid introduction to requirements engineering that is suited for novices and advanced participants alike. There will be a strong focus on using tools effectively, which is important for collaboration and scalability.

Full description

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We perform the training at your facilities. Training at your site means that you can participate with as many people as you like, and nobody wastes time traveling.

Pick Your Modules

To make the training relevant to you, you can pick 6-8 modules for a one-day training. The following modules are available:

  • Requirements Management and Engineering (RM&E) basics (mandatory)
  • ReqIF Studio introduction (mandatory)
  • Existing RM&E tools
  • The information model
  • Writing good requirements
  • Effective traceability
  • Requirements processes
  • Eclipse as a platform
  • Collaboration with ReqIF Studio

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