Traces are the Foundation for Change Management

ReqIF Studio has powerful features for change management. In particular, SpecRelations (traces) can be flagged if source or target of a it change.

This template consists of a preconfigured stakeholder requirements spec and a system requirement spec. These can be connected with a traceability that is enabled for change management.

You find usage instructions as part of the template.

How to Use

To use this template, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have ReqIF Studio installed.
  • Create a Project (see Handbook).
  • Import the template (which you first have to download) by dragging it into the Project. Alternatively, you can use the import wizard via File | Import ... | File System.
  • Optional: Rename the template, as you see fit.
  • Open the template and follow the instructions inside.
  • Also consult the Handbook chapter on this feature.