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NOTE: This page is active to give our Alpha-Testers access to the training content. You are free to purchase the course here, but please be aware of the following:

  • The online course is not complete yet. If you purchase now, you'll be able to add new content, as it is being added.
  • The price may still change: Buy at your own risk at a higher, or maybe at a lower price.

Due to popular request, we combined four solutions into one comprehensive on-line course. The course teaches you the use of ReqIF Studio, and the basics of requirements engineering with ReqIF Studio.

You get full and continuous access to all materials for one year. Price includes VAT (19%, Germany). Our Terms and Conditions apply.

€150 (incl. VAT)

or with Traceability Matrix (Deduct): €210 (incl. VAT)

Special billing needs? Please contact us if you are unable to order with a credit card, or if you have other special billing needs.

With or without Deduct? You have the option to order the course together with a software license of Deduct, a component for creating a traceability matrix.

Unsure about the membership? Membership is the best value: It includes the training course, all software components and additional premium content. Check out the comparison matrix to decide whether this is a better option for you.

What's included

  • 10 Videos (over 140 minutes)
  • Many other items like PDFs, FAQs and references

Check out what you get

The training course consists of the following three solutions: Some of the content is free for registered users. So please, go ahead and check them out: You are not buying a pig in a poke.

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