ReqIF Exchange Process Implementation

We get your ReqIF exchange up and running within 2 weeks for a fixed price

Don't waste time setting up your requirements exchange yourself!

If a customer requires you to work with ReqIF, it initially creates extra work for you, even though it has many long-term benefits. But in the short term, it creates extra work. Worse, setting up a ReqIF exchange is fickle and your highly-paid engineers first need to learn about ReqIF, your customer's tools and your own tools (with respect to ReqIF exchange).

Instead, delegate to our experts,

  • who knows the common ReqIF-capable tools in the market,
  • who understands their idiosyncrasies,
  • who understands best practices and
  • who has configured ReqIF Exchanges many times before.

As a result,

  • you get your ReqIF exchange up and running faster
  • you get it cheaper at a fixed, calculable price
  • you free up your engineers to support your business

Our Proven Process


We start by capturing the requirements exchange context: tools used, requirements structure, required exchange processes.


A proper test setup gives us agility and allows us to quickly test whether the requirements exchange is working as planned.

Process Development

Based on exchange context and your requirements, we will develop the exchange processes tailored to your specific setup, based on best practices.

Validation & Verification

We validate the resulting processes together with you and verify that it works as expected with life data.

Fine Tuning & Support

Once you are up and running, we provide you with three months of support and fine-tuning.

Michael Jastram

Why us?

My name is Michael Jastram and I was part of the consortium that defined the ReqIF standard, and am also project lead of the official reference implementation of ReqIF. I created this library which shows you the depth of my expertise.

I encourage you to consider implementing your requirements exchanges yourself, using the mostly free material on this website. However, I have seen many smart people struggling to implement a working requirements exchange. This is hard if you don't do it every day.

If you want to get up and running quickly, without burdening your team with another task that's unrelated to their actual work (building great products), then schedule a personal walk-through now.