Requirements Categorization

Categorizing your requirements
with fast turnaround and fixed price

Relieve your engineers from tedious, repetitive work

Categorization is crucial for compliance and also makes the work of your team much easier. But your team is already under enormous time pressure, and managing categorization does not require the domain knowledge of your highly paid engineers. You can outsource it to us and you will get high-quality categorization on time.

Even better, once we have an initial setup, you can delegate subsequent work with categorization to us anytime with a fast turnaround.

Our Proven Process


We start by capturing the context for our work: What kind of categories do you need? Do you have guidelines for categorization? Do we work remotely directly in your system, or do we work off-line and exchange the categorization via ReqIF?


A proper test setup gives us agility and allows us to quickly solicit feedback on the categorization guidelines and the resulting categories and categorized requirements.


Based on your requirements, we create, update or analyze the categorization of concern.

Validation & Verification

We validate the resulting categorization together with you and verify that it complies with your categorization rules.

Subsequent Updates

We created the initial setup with updates in mind. This means that we can quickly update your categorization based on changes since we last saw the data.

Michael Jastram

Why us?

My name is Michael Jastram and I was part of the consortium that defined the ReqIF standard, and am also project lead of the official reference implementation of ReqIF. I created this library which shows you the depth of my expertise.

I encourage you to consider implementing your requirements exchanges yourself, using the mostly free material on this website. However, I have seen many smart people struggling to implement a working requirements exchange. This is hard if you don't do it every day.

If you want to get up and running quickly, without burdening your team with another task that's unrelated to their actual work (building great products), then schedule a personal walk-through now.