ReqIF in a Day

Understand ReqIF · Use ReqIF · Optimize Requirements Exchange

This workshop is for everybody who wants to or needs to use ReqIF; who needs to learn about the exchange of requirements; who is concerned about requirements traceability in systems engineering.

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Workshop Details

1 day, 9:30 - 17:00 (doors open at 9:00)

Target Group:
Requirements Experts, Project Managers, Analysts, IT Managers

Some experience in requirements management and experience with RE tools are helpful, but not required

Maximum Number of Participants:
12 persons

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This training is held in English. Please visit our German training page if you are interested in a German course.

Understand and Use the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF)

  • Exchange requirements using ReqIF
  • Understand ReqIF
  • Overview of tools that support ReqIF
  • Create and tailor requirements exchange processes
  • Extend and modify requirements using ReqIF

Dr. Michael Jastram

Dr. Michael Jastram

Your Instructor

Dr. Michael Jastram is one of the leading experts regarding ReqIF. He is the creator of the open source ReqIF reference implementataion, the Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework. He regularly talks publicly on requirements modeling and writes monthly in the Formal Mind Blog, as well as weekly in the German System Engineering Trends Blog.

Same Day Fly In, Fly Out

The workshop takes place at Düsseldorf International airport, allowing you to catch a direct flight in the morning from many European cities, and to return in the evening. The airport also has its own intercity rail station.

Or take advantage on being in a vibrant city, and spend the weekend in Düsseldorf with its many attractions.

ReqIFThe Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) created quite a sensation for manufacturers and suppliers: ReqIF allows the lossless exchange of requirements between different tools, even across organizations.

But not every tool supports ReqIF completely. Even though ReqIF is "just" XML, it is not that easy to process it properly.

This workshop is for everybody who encountered ReqIF and who wants to learn how to optimize its use in their organization. After completing this workshop, you understand the technical and organizational basics of ReqIF; you understand, what content a ReqIF file contains, and how you can inspect it. You understnad the possibilities and limitations of a requirements exchanged that is based on ReqIF.

Only a small number of seats are available for this workshop, allowing us to address the concerns and questions of the individual participants.

Workshop Program

  • Introduction ReqIF: Motivation | History | Data Modell | ReqIF Implementor Forum
  • Requirements Exchange with ReqIF: OMG-Scenario | HIS-Process | Multiple Partners
  • Implementor Guide: Naming Conventions | Read-Only | Tables | OLE | HTML | Conversation-ID | Access Policy
  • ReqIF Tools: Overview Tools | Idiosyncrasies of DOORS | Compatibility Check | Compatibility Guidelines
  • Inspect ReqIF Files: Understand ReqIF XML | Inspect Files with ReqIF Studio | Validate Files with Consequent
  • Eclipse RMF: Understand the ReqIF Reference Implementation RMF | Understand and use the Eclipse Ecosystem | Use RMF in Your Own Projects


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Materials, including the print version of the ReqIF Studio Handbook
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