Please browse the various minor versions:

2.4.1 (30-Aug-2018)

  • Defaults to workspace directory "reqif" in home directory. This can still be modified via File | Switch Workspace.
  • Fixing Rich Text Editor "Extend" on Mac
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

2.4.0 (11-May-2018)

  • New Feature: Printing now allows Links to be included
  • New Feature: When copying SpecObjects, they are deep-copied (instead of just creating references)
  • Improvement: Registration Screen has been removed, as users have already registered via
  • Bug Fix: Various bug fixes

Please browse the various minor versions:

2.3.1 (23-Apr-2018)

  • Improvement: Making ReqIF Studio compatible with current Macintosh / OS X
  • Bug Fixes: Various minor fixes in Extend

2.3.0 (9-Dec-2017)

  • Improvement: Warning when trying to open a file not in a project
  • New Feature: Premium XHTML editor (Extend) can be activated with license

Please browse the various minor versions:

2.2.2 (26-Sep-2017)

  • Bug Fix: Axiom now allows spaces in the file name of embedded images and files
  • Bug Fix: When deleting a tree of SpecHierarchies, also delete the children's SpecObjects, if these are the last ones
  • Bug Fix: Better handling of backup folders upon import (Axiom)

2.2.1 (12-Apr-2017)

  • Bug Fix: With externally stored configuration, ToolExtensions are not deleted any more (in particular those from other tools)
  • Bug Fix: The link column always showed the Target, but depending on the direction needs to show the Source.
  • Improvement: Unnecessary menu entries from the Main Editor Outline Context Menu have been removed.

2.2.0 (15-Mar-2017)

  • New Feature: It is now possible to write the configuration for a specific ReqIF file in a separate file, rather than the ReqIF file. This makes it easier to work in a team, when using a versioning system. Access it via Window | Preferences | ReqIF | Store settings in ReqIF file.
  • Improvement: URLs of handbook pages now have fixed, unchanging URLs
  • Bug Fix: Validation was not working with spaces in file path
  • Bug Fix: Studio crashed when encountering dangling SpecHierarchies
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements (labels, text, etc.)

Please browse the various subversions:

2.1.4 (23-Jan-2017)

  • Improvement: New ReqIF files now have a title by default, thereby ensuring that they are valid after creation.
  • Bugfix: The configuration of a Specification is now removed when the Spec itself is removed
  • Bugfix: "Printing" (HTML-Generation) now can handle files with spaces and other special characters
  • Bugfix: Various fixes in situations where errors were produced.

2.1.3 (23-Nov-2016)

  • Improvement: Usage tips shown on Specification editor
  • Bugfix: Deleting SpecObjects with SpecRelations sometimes produces errors
  • Bugfix: Labels can now handle all HTML characters
  • Bugfix: High-Resolution displays on Windows are now supported.

2.1.2 (7-Nov-2016)

  • Bugfix: Rendering of special characters in Labels of HTML attributes. Special characters are now rendered correctly in outline and link targets.
  • Bugfix: Including images produced a validation error due to a width of 100%. This has been fixed. Note: Old files will still show the error message, this concerns only newly created images.
  • Improvement: Labels for HTML attributes were shortened aggressively. This has been relaxed. Now they will only be shortened if they have multiple lines.
  • Improvement: The ID-generator now starts counting at 1, rather than 2. Also, the ID is now by default centered.

2.1.1 (2-Nov-2016)

  • Fixed bug: double-clicking on SpecRelations should start editing in the attribute columns, and only initiate jumping in the last column. This has been fixed.
  • Adding documentation for Deduct to the handbook

2.1.0 (4-Oct-2016)

  • New Feature: Search Filters can now be saved and restored (Documentation).
  • Updates to the handbook and online help
  • Various bug fixes
Notes when Upgrading

Behavior regarding the ReqIF IDs changed. Before 2.0.0, a new ReqIF ID was generated upon save. This behavior is now disabled and can be re-enabled via Window | Preferences | ReqIF Studio | SpecHierarchies.

A new improved Perspective is available. New installations will use it automatically, existing installation can switch to it viw Window | Open Perspective | Other... | ReqIF Studio

2.0.0 (30-Jul-2016)

  • This is the first version that is re-branded as ReqIF Studio.
  • Fixed rendering of large cells (Linux)
  • Added preference for changing ReqIF ID on save
  • Show warning when attempting to open a read-only file
  • Added new Perspective that includes Problem View and Search Results
  • Various bug fixes

For 1.0-releases, there was no formal version history. Instead, the repository log of the Eclipse RMF project can be consulted. In addition, release notes were provided in the Formal Mind Blog.