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Mastering ReqIF Online Course
€95/lifelong (incl. 19% VAT)*

Become a ReqIF expert quickly. Lifelong access. Optionally available with book and Deduct (Traceability Component)

Extend: Rich Text Editor
€60/year (incl. 19% VAT)*

Become a power user by using the improved Rich Text Editor Extend, which supports tables and many other features.


Get free access to many guides, templates and software!

  • Free templates, guides, checklists and more
  • ReqIF Studio, the free editor
  • New content regularly

What are you waiting for?

€960/yr (incl. 19% VAT)*

In addition to the free content, you get premium content and software:

  • Everything from the Starter plan
  • Exclusive content regularly
  • Software Components Axiom and Binom

The solution for power users and freelancers.

€1480/yr (incl. 19% VAT)*

Corporate users get more extras:

  • Everything from the Freelancer plan
  • Support
  • Invoice with customer's company name
  • The option to buy additional software licenses for €240/year

For corporations that care about their employee's knowledge.

Wondering what premium content is available? Check out the list, new premium content is added at least once a month. List of premium content

Details of Plans

Starter Freelancer Corporate
Software ReqIF Studio: ReqIF Editor
Software Consequent: ReqIF Validator
How-to Videos
Books and Papers
Checklists and Templates
References and FAQs
New Content Regularly
Exclusive Premium Content
Software Axiom: ReqIF Requirements Exchange
(1 License)

(1 License)
Software Binom: ReqIF Compare
(1 License)

(1 License)
Software Deduct: Traceability Matrix
(1 License)

(1 License)
Software Extend: Professional Editor
(1 License)

(1 License)
Ticket only

Ticket, Troubleshooting sessions can be scheduled.
Additional Software Licenses
Company Address on Invoice

* Prices include German VAT (19%). We apply your country's VAT rate upon request (reverse charge).
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