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      Roman Meier

      I want to modify a DOORS NG (DNG) export in ReqIF Studio and reimport the changes to DOORS NG. However, after every time after reimport all images in DNG are gone. They are not lost, but the connection between the artifact and the image file is lost. Direct reimport of an DNG export works without problem, but as soon the reqif was saved in ReqIF studio the problem shows up.

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      Michael Jastram

      Hi Roman — not sure what exactly is going on, and hard to debug from the description alone. I have not seen this problem before. I know that DNG stores a lot of information in the tool extensions. So experiment with keeping them intact or removing it (checkbox on ReqIFz importer).

      Also, keep in mind that embedded objects (including images) have two versions, with very few exceptions: The actual object and a preview of it. Details are covered in the Implementation Guide:

      The ReqIF Implementation Guide

      Note that the actual guide is not available on this site due to copyright. You need to download it from ProStep.

      Good Luck!

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      Roman Meier

      Hello Michael,

      thank you for your answer.
      I did some investigation on the problem the last few days:
      You were right regarding the tool extensions, they are the problem. However, (un-)checking “Remove Tool Extensions” doesn’t change the problem. It seems that DNG doesn’t like the tool extensions of the Reqif Studio export either way. The only way to fix the problem I found so far was to completely replace the tool extensions of the Reqif Studio export with the original ones from the DNG export.
      In case of not removing the tool extensions, does Reqif Studio do changes to them? As far as I understood are the tool extensions some sort of container which holds data which is outside the reqif specification.

      Thank you for your effort.

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