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      Hy all,
      I have created a reqif file where I use the same SPEC-OBJECT IDENTIFIER multiple times in the SPEC-HIERARCHY as a reference.

      i.e. the SPEC-OBJECT is re-used within the hierarchy.
      ReqIF Studio handles this very well, you have the same SPEC-OBJECTS occurring in different locations. When you edit the status of one of the occurrences, it is also changed for the other locations – fine.

      But when I import this into DOORS or Code-Beamer, those additional references are just removed, in DOORS with a warning:
      The object with replication identifier ‘123’ is referenced 6 times. The additional hierarchy references ‘spechierarchy-2857’, ‘spechierarchy-2903’, ‘spechierarchy-2916’, ‘spechierarchy-2965’ and ‘spechierarchy-3160’ will be removed.

      Do I get the concept wrong? My idea was, that I define a SPEC-OBJECT once, then I can re-use it within the SPEC-HIERARCHY.
      This is, because our system embraces re-using objects.

      Kind Regards

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      Michael Jastram

      Hi Sebastian,

      You understood the concept correctly. Unfortunately, there is not a single requirements management tool on the market that supports all ReqIF features.

      Most tools only support a subset of ReqIF. Check out the ReqIF Compatibility Guide on more information:

      ReqIF Compatibility Guide

      Best – Michael

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      Thank you so much. Ok, this is bad…

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