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      Alexandre Riviere


      I’m evaluating ReqIF Studio and its plugins/toolset as a potential RMF base for a new developpement line.
      Very impressive work. A lots of our most-wanted features are here and the choice of eclipse integration is pretty convenient for us.

      Right now I need to assess what wanted feature is stable enough for our daily work.
      For instance, we will need to link one row of a document to several rows of another document.
      I tested this feature but without success so far.
      The links created desappear or simply don’t show up in one of the document. So I’m not sure if i’m linking the right way or if multiple-relational-links is a current important limitation/bug.

      A simple way to reproduce the issue:
      – Create a project
      – Add a 1st reqIF model with 1 row and a 2nd reqIF model with 2 rows.
      – save all

      1) Contextual menu method:
      – right-click on the single row of the 1st doc then chose “initiate linking(1)”
      – switch to the 2nd doc tab
      – right-click on the 1st row then chose “complete linking to selection(1)” -> “SpecRelation (untyped)”
      – repeate on the 2n row: right-click on the 2nd row then chose “complete linking to selection(1)” -> “SpecRelation (untyped)”
      (same if you select the two rows before right-clicking)
      – save all
      Links are well there in the 1st doc but not in the 2nd doc.

      2) Drag&dropping method:
      (Is there a better way to drag&drop between 2 documents than this?)
      – open a second eclipse Window “Window->New Window”
      – 1st window with 1st doc open
      – 2nd window with 2nd doc open
      – drag the row of the 1st doc to each rows of the 2nd doc
      – save all
      Links are shown in both docs but unusable, bugged (infinite loop, eclipse error icon)

      Am I doing something wrong?
      Is it a bug? If so, is there a reliable workaround right now?

      Best regards.

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      Michael Jastram

      Hi Alexandre,

      Short answer: Linking across files is currently not supported.

      However, you can create multiple Specifications in the same file. This will do what you’re looking for, supporting n:m trace relationships (those can even be visualized in a trace matrix with Deduct.


      – Michael

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