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      Randall Vogtman

      I have a customer that exports requirements from DOORS using the ReqIf format. When we import into 3SL CRADLE, there is no information. The issue seems to be that CRADLE expects a longName as part of the Specification Type Identifiable element, DOORS does not seem to provide this. As a result, without the Spec-Type, the file appears empty.
      For Example:
      The LONG-NAME is what CRADLE uses to define the item type within the project schema.

      DOORS: <SPECIFICATION-TYPE IDENTIFIER=”_7bfd9bca-32be-4de9-be82-a21817d73817″ LAST-CHANGE=”2021-03-08T11:41:49″>

      We suspect this is a switch needed in the DOORS export converter, but am at a loss asto details.

      Has anyone encountered exported ReqIf from DOORS into another tool?

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      Michael Jastram

      Randall – I have not seen this particular scenario, but this kind of problem happens all the time. As a quick workaround, you can use ReqIF Studio to provide the missing information.

      Note that LONG-NAME is not mandatory for SPECIFICATION-TYPE. Therefore, I would consider this a problem with Cradle, not DOORS.

      To analyze what’s required and what not, check out the ReqIF Constraints Reference:

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      Randall Vogtman

      Thank you Michael,
      3SL CRADLE is aware of the issue. In the meantime we’re purchasing a single DOORS license and see if we can figure out how to export ReqIf in a CRADLES usable format.

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