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Michael Jastram

> Is it realistic to use ReqIF Studio when multiple people are editing a requirements set simultaneously?

It is realistic, and there are indeed users who do this. Having said that, note that (1) this does not scale well, and (2) you need technical expertise, should you have conflicts.

If changes happen in different “places” in the model, then Eclipse is pretty good at merging the changes. But you need to look at the XML if you encounter merge conflicts.Hi Paul,

There are a few settings that make this easier for you. Check out this chapter in the handbook:

Team Work in ReqIF Studio

> It is possible to include multiple ReqIF models in a project and link entities between those models.

Short answer, no. As you rightly point out, there are a lot of things to consider. Currently, there are very few tools that use cross-file linking, and even fewer users.