You need to understand ReqIF in depth, and be capable of troubleshooting it? This course is for you!

This course is for...

  • Requirements Engineers who deal with ReqIF
  • IT departments that need to integrate ReqIF
  • Managers who need to understand ReqIF

After working through this course you...

  • Understand ReqIF, its capabilites and limitations
  • Understand the value of ReqIF for exchanging requirements
  • Have the knowledge to solve requirements exchange problems with ReqIF Studio



  • 10 Videos (143 minutes)
  • 5 PDFs
  • Several of other pieces of content
  • Software Deduct for Traceability Matrix (optional)
  • ReqIF Studio Handbook (optional)

Some experience in requirements management and experience with RE tools are helpful, but not required

Cost (incl 19% VAT):
€150,00 (incl. Book + Deduct)
€135,00 (incl. Deduct)
€115,00 (incl. Book)
€95,00 (Course only)

Course: Unlimited
(Deduct: 1 Year)

Wondering what you are getting? The course is structured into four modules (shown below). You can see the content list of all modules, and some of the content is free of charge. For instance, check out Module 3: Working with ReqIF Studio.

Understand and Use the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF)

  • Exchange requirements using ReqIF
  • Understand ReqIF
  • Overview of tools that support ReqIF
  • Create and tailor requirements exchange processes
  • Extend and modify requirements using ReqIF

Have a look at what you get!

This course consists of the four modules shown below (click on the image to the the table of content).

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