About ReqIF.academy


The Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) is a great success! Originally created in 2004, it is now supported by virtually every tool that interacts with requirements and wants to be taken seriously.

The success of ReqIF is the result of the hard work of many people and organizations. This starts with the German automotive manufacturers, who initiated the standard as part of the HIS group. It continues with ProStep iViP, which helped making ReqIF an international standard, and ends with the OMG, the body that actually standardized ReqIF. A whole ecosystem grew around ReqIF.

Information about ReqIF is scattered around, and sometimes hard to digest. I strive to change this.

But when colleagues asked me about ReqIF, it was hard to point them to one location: Information was scattered around the Internet in many places. And not all materials are digestible without serious effort.

I am passionate about openness: That's why I embraced the open ReqIF, and that's why I developed an open source reference implementation for ReqIF. And when I noticed the deficiency I just described, I decided to build an open library of ReqIF-related material.

I hope that this site will help to speed up the adaptation of ReqIF, and that it will be useful to you and many other specialists who work with requirements in general, and ReqIF in particular.


Michael Jastram

About Formal Mind GmbH

ReqIF.academy is a brand of Formal Mind GmbH, a company specializing in Open Systems Engineering.

Michael Jastram

Dr. Michael Jastram

  • Regular author and speaker on ReqIF and requirements modeling
  • Founder of the Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework
  • General Manager of Formal Mind GmbH
  • Doctoral degree from University of Düsseldorf
  • Masters degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Dipl.-Ing. from University of Hamburg