Dr. Michael Jastram

Requirements Modeling Expert

Michael Jastram

What is ReqIF? It's the Requirements Interchange Format, used by many software tools to exchange requirements. This sites explains exactly what it is, and how you can use it. (Hint: exchanging requirements is just the beginning, there is much, much more).

ReqIF Exchange in 2 Weeks

You have a customer who wants you to process their ReqIF? No worries, we make it work. In two weeks. For a fixed price.

We have brought many customers up to speed quickly by developing tailored requirements exchange processes based on best practices. We can do this for you as well.

New: Power Workshops!

2-Hour or 4-Hour Format, Tailored to Your Needs

Would you like to jump-start ReqIF in your organization? Our online-workshops are super-focused, help you to get management on board and align your team.

StrictDoc supports ReqIF June 8, 2022: StrictDoc supports ReqIF New ReqIF Services (fixed-price packages) May 20, 2021: New ReqIF Services (fixed-price packages) ReqIF-Webinar from Intland/Codebeamer December 15, 2020: ReqIF-Webinar from Intland/Codebeamer Online-Event Oct. 29: ReqIF Recommendation 2.0 (Prostep ivip) October 24, 2020: Online-Event Oct. 29: ReqIF Recommendation 2.0 (Prostep ivip) How to Use ReqIF for Collaboration March 23, 2019: How to Use ReqIF for Collaboration

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Hire a Pro – No Need to Do It Yourself!

Most users are under pressure from a customer to process the ReqIF they got handed from a customer – and don't even know where to start. We have implemented requirements exchanges many times before. We can do this for you in two weeks for a fixed price.


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